Circular economy training for engineers


Circular economy training for engineers

circular economy training

Team CE BEACONS, CirEkon and Chamber of Commerce of Timisoara supported by the EIT Climate-KIC project will organize training for implementation of the circular economy during December 2020. The goal of this training is to power-up the development of circular economy in the Balkan region, through the synergy of business and industrial knowledge and knowledge from the domain of circular economy.

Training will be performed by the experts from:

1. European Network of Climate Coaches

2. Chamber of Commerce of Timisoara, Romania

3. Center for Circular Economy CirEkon, Serbia

The training is intended primarily for chemical, mechanical (and industrial) engineers, environmental engineers, as well as industrial designers. 10 engineers from Serbia and 10 engineers from Romania will get a chance to expand their knowledge about the circular economy, thanks to the financial support from EIT Climate-KIC. This training seeks to prepare professionals from different fields because the circular economy’s future depends on the way we design our materials, processes, and products. Progress towards such a development will be possible only through a multidisciplinary approach.

After this training, participants will:

    • Master a new way of systemic thinking
    • Understand what a systemic circular economy represents
    • Be familiar with the 3 tools that CirEkon and Chamber of Commerce of Timisoara will use through CE BEACONS to implement the circular economy in the business world
    • Get the opportunity to form expert teams within future CE BEACONS initiatives
    • Enter the process of developing expert teams that will be ready to implement circular projects across the region
    • Get the opportunity to apply new knowledge directly to the current CE implementation process

This training is one step towards circularity in the Balkan region that will gather experts from different fields from Romania and Serbia and allow for the exchange of very useful knowledge and experiences.

Read more about the CE Beacons on CE Beacons homepage.

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