Cleantech Bulgaria (as a partner of the Interreg Europe’s project GRESS and in collaboration with another Interreg Europe project Start Easy) will host a session in the European Week of Regions dedicated to “Smart policy making to boost startup activity and competitiveness in Europe” on Oct 14th 2020

The session will focus on exchanging ideas, identifying common challenges and getting updates on policy developments with the objective of improving policy making and delivering smart tools to enable a conductive environment to boost startups and competitiveness in a sustainable Europe.


Five round tables will be established to discuss specific details on improving policy in the topics of

(1) green economy – drivers and challenges

(2) digital and tech

(3) e-commerce and retail

(4) health and wellness

(5) new innovative business solutions in a future green and circular Europe.

Registrations are open until Oct 7th 2020.

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